Monster’s Movie Mayhem

Welcome to Monster’s Movie Mayhem! I am Andrew “Monster” Thompson and here is the first entry of my movie blog where as one would guess, I will talk about everything that has to do with movies. But first I want to sort of introduce myself and give some background into my life.

I am a second year college student in Fort Collins, Colorado studying civil engineering as well as minoring in Spanish. Some time in high school I realized the passion I had for film, that far surpassed the enjoyment of being a casual moviegoer, which I still could be considered since I don’t actually go to a theatre much. However, I have taken an initiative to see a good share of classic, indie and foreign films that have given me a great foundation for my love of film and inspiration to talk about it here.

Obviously I’m basically writing for myself right now, which is okay with me. I don’t expect followers to come in seconds after this post nor do I believe my writing is truly worthy of that, yet. For now I’m writing for the enjoyment of it. I’m constantly thinking about movie related topics and love typing those thoughts down and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for a consistent audience to value my thoughts and opinions.

This blog was created somewhat spontaneously without a solid plan for how I would structure and post to this blog. My thinking was something along the lines of “I want to talk and discuss film and have an audience.” And the best idea seemed to be a blog. I considered doing vlogs on youtube because lots of my passion and inspiration came for youtube reviewers, but I couldn’t find a good way to do it; I’d need video and audio equipment, a place to shoot, and stuff to actually say, which of course costs money I don’t have and skills I don’t think I have that would be suitable for that. So typing on my laptop provided a much more convenient way to do this. And who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind later.

But for now I’ll be using this site. With the spur of the moment blogging I seem to be doing, I can only speculate what future posts will entail. Some ideas include: movie reviews new and old, movie news editorials and opinions, debate topics, and random movie thoughts. I am really looking forward to seeing where these go, cause just like the rest of you readers (or lack thereof) I have no idea what even my next post will be about.

I hope this has provided some valuable initial insight into the mind of a monster (not really) and I personally cannot wait for future discussions and to be able to enter a new frontier of knowledge of my passion for film.


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