87th Academy Award Nominations

So the nominations for the 87th Academy  Awards have been out for almost two weeks now and since I have seen all the best picture nominees and then some, I figured I’d give my thoughts on them.

I should also mention I haven’t seen Nightcrawler Foxcatcher, The Lego Movie, or Still Alice.

First I’d like to give my congrats to 2014 in movies. I loved the films this year. Ever since I started watching the Oscars in 2012 when The Artist won best picture, I’ve thought the movies have been getting better and better. And this year wipes the floor with the rest. Every year I usually like the Oscar movies but holy crap, this year I LOVE so many of them, which I will soon be getting to.

For best picture, I am so conflicted it bothers me. I just want to get it over so I don’t have to guess who’ll win or who should win. The second movie I saw of the eight was Birdman and I swore I would be pulling for this film the rest of the way. But so many other ones came out and I can’t make up my mind. I should also mention I’m very indecisive when it comes to ranking or judging things like this.

Later on I saw Boyhood which I liked and had me reflecting on my own life. I’m only a couple years older than Ellar Coltraine’s character is at the end of the movie and what he goes through at the beginning of his college career shared so many similarities to mine that I had so recently. This movies does deserve to win, I mean filming for 12 years really is incredible, but I also think this movie doesn’t have a fraction of success without that because nothing significant really happens. I liked how it all comes together though because without one piece it all falls apart. And you literally got to see life unfold before your eyes. And that is an experience no movie has ever given me. In the last 5 to 10 years, this movies wins in a landslide but like I said, there are so many contenders.

The movie I saw most recently and might try doing a review type thing on it is Whiplash. I loved this movie as much as I did Boyhood and Birdman. Do I think it will win, no but I would not be sad to see it do so.

The first movie I saw of the best picture nominees was The Grand Budapest Hotel. Before TGBH I had only seen Moonrise Kingdom of all Wes Anderson movies. And now I’ve seen all of them. I am so glad he is getting recognition for this beautiful movie and for being able to see the evolution of his career. Is the movie going to win? Possible I guess, like Whiplash I will not be disappointed at all for a win in this category.

Even though I’m conflicted in this category, it also comforts me in the fact that while only one can win, we win no matter what because we got to see these fantastic movies all within a year and each movie deserves to win. Except American Sniper in my opinion which I liked but is certainly not in the tip eight or even ten of 2014. I would have rather seen Gone Girl or even Wild maybe.

Moving on to acting, not really surprised with anything here. Some are talking about Jennifer Aniston getting snubbed for Cake which I haven’t seen, but from everything I’ve heard and hope to see there’s no way anyone is losing to Julianne Moore. Honestly, even though I haven’t seen Still Alice either she deserves and Oscar because of her entire career.

For supporting actress I’d like to see Laura Dern for Wild which I really liked but will probably go to Patricia Arquette.

Best supporting actor, no actor came close to JK Simmons who made Whiplash what it was, and it was incredible. Sorry everyone else but you just picked the wrong year.

Best leading actor, I was really hoping for a surprise with Ralph Fiennes getting a nom. Where the f$#& is David Oyelowo?? I’ll talk about snubs later but seriously?! I came out of Selma thinking he had a serious chance of winning, but… just no. I can’t validly say he should replace Carrell,  but he was better than Bradley Cooper’s very good performance.

The last category I’ll talk about is for directing. This category is what I think is one of the worsts. Anderson, Iñárritú, and Linklater, yes. But Bennett Miller and Morten Tyldum over Ava Duvarnay and David Fincher? Not in a million years. Except maybe in a world where Michael Bay ever gets nominated. Forgetting about those two mix ups, I have no idea if Iñárritú or Linklater wins. Wes Anderson would be cool to see but the other two did something ingenious and incredible,  changing the way we see movies.

Now onto the snubs. I try my best not to get overly irked by people or movies getting snubbed when they didn’t have a chance to win. Like Jennifer Aniston is not a big deal because Julianne Moore owns that statue. Duvarnay and Fincher probably won’t win either. Film is subjective of course, there are thousands of voting members that I don’t know much about so I try not to generalize the Academy. But credibility decreases for me when you’re essentially saying Morten Tyldum’s direction was better than Duvarnay’s. For snubs that are huge and should be talked about and cause riots, not really though, I can only think of two. David Oyelowo and Lego Movie not getting a nom for best animated feature. Not having seen The Lego Movie I can’t comment personally but it really sounded like that movie would win. And even though I think Michael Keaton is going to win, Oyelowo should be right up there with him with a silver medal.

UPDATE: I just recently saw Nightcrawler and can safely say Gyllenhaal not only deserved a nomination, but could have also won the whole thing. Also saw The Lego Movie. Of course it got robbed. That movie was Awesome!

Well those are my thoughts on the Oscar nominations. I’ll definitely do another for after we have the winners and we’ll see how that goes. But for now, I’ll go do something else, I still have some movies to see.


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