Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer

So the new Interstellar trailer has just… oh wait this was for the new Fantastic Four. Actually Fant4stic Four. So without further ado, my thoughts on the new teaser trailer for Fantastic Four:

Right of the bat I’ll say that I had fun watching the first two Fantastic Four movies while fully acknowledging that they’re not good movies. I also completely understand the complaints of them and therefore the worries for this summer movie as well.

That being said I’ve been looking forward to this with lowered expectations of course but with excitement nonetheless. On paper anyway there’s not too much I’m worried about. I like most of the cast and am anxious to see the up and coming stars like Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller who each have at least one really good performance under their belts. Also Josh Trank directing I’m excited for because I liked Chronicle more than I thought I would, he did good work with Jordan in it, and I think he has some potential. Also I’m really excited to see what Toby Kebbell will do in a straight acting role after doing so well as Koba in Dawn of the Apes. That’s my short way of writing it. What I am afraid of is the inexperience of the rest of the cast. They’re very young without many large roles and I don’t know how believable they’ll be.

Judging just from this first teaser trailer, there is a lot I am excited about. I joked before about this being an Interstellar trailer because especially in the first few shots and narration I got the exact same vibe. They even both had the car driving on the road through corn fields or something. After complaining that they were just ripping of a Nolan trailer I thought about it and I like that they’re being pretty transparent in the fact that they’re taking ideas from Nolan’s playbook. Christopher Nolan has a great vision and tone in his movies that make them spectacular and if Trank isn’t merely copying him, then I love that someone is making a Nolan like big budget movies because not enough of those are made.

Obviously this is a teaser trailer so we don’t see much into the action or plot. We get quick looks at the important characters and get a good idea of the tone. Like I said, with a darker tone I think this movie could be a great surprise and hopefully, hopefully be the Batman Begins while the last two can be Joel Schumacher’s Batmans. But that is a BOLD statement that I don’t even think will happen. But here’s hoping.

This movie also looks like it will be really well shot. This trailer looked really good aesthetically and done carefully to look real sharp. The little bit we saw of the Thing looked promising and when The Human Torch lights on fire, the backdrop of the city right after looked awesome.

I don’t know who the narrator was, but that with the overall tone suggests some high stakes that superhero movies have been lacking and it appears the filmmakers are going to take this movie seriously. And I think that’s the best part of this trailer, it showed us that this probably won’t be crap and we should be excited for it.

So finally we have a trailer for Fant4stic Four and I thought it showed and told us exactly what we needed to know. I still want to see more before I rush out to see it. It had my curiously, now it has my attention.

Question: Which was better, Fantastic Four or Ant Man teaser?


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