My Favorites

 For only my third post I’ve decided to go more general and talk about some more of my personal tastes of film. Eventually I will to more specific posts about a certain movie or topic and go in depth into that, but for now I’d like to mention some of the films and filmmakers that explain why I love the movie going experience so much.

 Home video has always been a big part of my life. My first DVD watched on my first DVD player was 2003’s Hulk directed by Ang Lee. While not that best movie ever, but underrated in my opinion, I watched this movie so many times, which at the time was cool to me because it was one of the only PG-13 movies I had been able to see.

 I had a Blockbuster a couple blocks from my childhood home that I loved going to and still remember renting VHS’s and trying to work some new technology called DVDs. My dad once returned Secondhand Lions on DVD three times because the player wasn’t working or something and we had to settle for VHS. Kinda miss those days of browsing through those, I saw episodes IV,V, and VI of Star Wars for the first time on VHS from that store.

 Now of course you can only find VHSs in my dad’s bookcase and Goodwill. I’ve recently started collecting Blu-Rays and getting rid of my unwanted and unloved DVDs. But through the evolution of home video and my short lifetime, having a collection of movies to watch at home is probably the one thing that kept me aware of movies in my life and allowed me to see lots of movies I would not have seen without.

 I like all genres of film. Some more than others obviously, but I believe any genre can produce a classic or an Oscar winner and of course any genre could end up having a steaming pile of crap. In general I’d say may favorites are dramas or thrillers which is kind of broad but they probably have the highest percentage of me liking them compared to the rest. Least favorites would be horror. Now I haven’t seen a lot of horror films because of this, I think the genre especially now is incredibly lazy and full of clichés. And even when an average one comes out like the Conjuring recently, it’s gets over hyped. However, The Shining and Psycho are two of my favorite movies of all time, so put one in the hands of a capable director like Kubrick or Hitchcock and I’d love to see one.

 Some more of my favorite films could be a long list but I’ll just mention a few that I have seen the most:

The Dark Knight Trilogy. Especially The Dark Knight. Once I saw TDK in 2008 and got it on DVD I watched so many times it’s scary, and of course then I went back to a Begins which I hadn’t seen in years, and eagerly waited 4 more years for Rises which I ended up seeing five times in theatres. I still watch these movies consistently and admire the work of Nolan, Bale, Zimmer, and Pfsiter.

 The Breakfast Club. I went quite a while into my life without seeing this movie and I complained about that fact to my parents after seeing it the first time. I first saw it some time in high school and watched the day right after. I loved the simple premise and how the story breaks down throughout the movie with incredible pacing and character archs. Of course it’s a ton of fun too! Paul Gleason’s has so many great lines, great soundtrack and even a montage of dancing that only John Hughes could do so well (Bueller… Bueller…)

 Star Wars OT. I mentioned these before and of course I had to mention them, everyone does and they kind of have to. These movies are incredible and I just would feel right not talking about them. Never before these three films had I realized that a movie could be more than a movie.  It could be a movement, and worldwide phenomenon connecting us through science fiction and the force. There is something so magical you get from these films that I connected so much with as a kid. I remember wanting to rent episode VI when I was visiting with my cousin and him getting annoyed because of how many times he had seen it. But I didn’t care, it’s Star Wars.

 Finally, School of Rock. When I think of my childhood movies, after Star Wars I always go here. Out of all the movies I mentioned, I would be surprised if I had seen any of them more than School of Rock. I remember more than once literally finishing it and watching it right after. I got so much out of it even after hundreds of viewings. In my favorite work of both Jack Black and Richard Linklater, including Boyhood, there is so much there for adults and impressionable children as I’ve found out growing up with this movie. I’m a classic rock guy too, and this soundtrack sounds like it’s playing from my iPod. And after seeing Fleetwood Mac in concert, Joan Cusack describing Stevie Nicks as just “wow!” is complete accurate.

 There are so much more I want to say but don’t want to write pages so I’ll stop it there but I can assure I will mention more of my favorites in the future. See you next time!


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