Steve Jobs – Casting Finalized, Begins Shooting

It was reported yesterday by Deadline that the cast for the new Steve Jobs biopic has been finalized and shooting has begun. The movie is written by the legendary writer Aaron Sorkin,  directed by the equally talented Danny Boyle, and starring Michael Fassbender.

Now let’s talk about this. It’s pretty well known by now most of the controversy behind the scenes early into production of this movie. Sony eventually bought the rights to make it, David Fincher was rumored to direct it, Christian Bale was attached to star as Jobs but ended up dropping out which bummed me out. Bale is one of the most immersing, dedicated actors working today which he has proven by playing my favorite portrayal of Batman. He has also pushed his self physically on both ends of the spectrum. He’s starved himself for his role in the Machinist, and gained weight and muscles for roles like his in American Hustle and Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. So of course my level of excitement drastically decreased once he left. Plus, with all of the other rumors concerning this movie, I had plenty of doubts for this movie.

Now we have Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs and Seth Rogen as his partner Steve Wosniak. Ask me a year ago if I thought Michael Fassbender should play Steve Jobs, I probably who have said “who?” However now that I’ve seen Prometheous, Inglorious Basterds, and 12 Years A Slave, I am excited to see what this guy can do. He’s proven himself to be a talented actor who can transform himself like Bale does, and I can actually seem him looking like Steve Jobs.

Seth Rogen is also a choice that I did not see happening at all. But then I thought about Jonah Hill. He’s been in very similar roles to Rogen’s and has two Oscar nominations. That’s not nothing. I would love to see Rogen do that next because Rogen has great comedic timing that could seriously help him in serious, more held back roles.

As to all of the other delays that have occured in the past, now that we have some stuff set in stone, it feels like this is actually happening. And on paper this movie has real potential. I predict A Sorkin Oscar nomination is very possible and even a Fassbender and Boyle nomination depending on how good it is.

There has to be some concern by Sony for marketing this movie too since the Ashton Kutcher Jobs wasn’t too long ago and literally no one remembers that movie. I didn’t see it but I haven’t heard one thing about it. While that may a good thing, I think it’s also possible people will think that they just made one of these and Hollywood is just rehashing old material. But people need to look at what I’ve been talking about above. The cast and filmmakers are experienced and have proven themselves as fantastic.

Two more cast additions that excite me are Kate Winslet and Jeff Daniels who I am very anxious for as well. Overall, this news gives me hope for a great movie. I still want some more info before I rush into the theatre but this movie has a place on my 2016 radar.

Question: IMDb says the name of this is Steve Jobs. Is that the official title?

UPDATE: This movie will be coming out on October 9th 2015! So much sooner than I thought. Can’t wait!


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