Ted 2 Trailer Talk

Not too long ago the trailer for the upcoming Ted 2 was released online and of course I watched it. I really liked this trailer and can’t wait to see the whole movie. I do have some concerns of course, it is a comedy sequel, and after Seth MacFarlane’s A Million Ways To Die In The West, who knows.

The ultimate downfall of every comedy sequel in my opinion is that they’re the exact same as their superior first film. A movie like 22 Jump Street realized that they were making the same movie, played of that and made fun of themselves, which worked and made it even better than the original. Hangover 2 on the other hand made the same movie as the first, just changing the setting.

This trailer gives me hope that MacFarlane has a good idea of where he wants to go with this. Mark Wahlberg and the MacFarlane voiced Ted look to have the same back and forth as before and will play off each other the same way. I love this. The characters seem true to how they were and the story could add so much to it.

We know that Ted is now marrying his girlfriend, Tami Lynn, but before he can do that he has to prove he is a person. They brought this up in the first one once in a while, but now we’re going to get to the bottom of the mystery of the talking bear. We of course know how Ted became “alive” and I can’t wait to see where they go with this. And now they want to have a kid, but Ted can’t have kids obviously so who do they get? Marky Mark! This has a lot of potential.

This trailer is also very funny and as long as they didn’t throw their best jokes into it, this movie is going to be hilarious! The sperm bank scene started funny then made me want to throw up. Other than that, the humor was excellent. The two spouting off court room jargon, Ted singing in court to prove he has a soul, the guy’s but crack, all gave me a much needed laugh. I could of course be biased because I’m just happy to see new footage of Ted.

I do have two questions: Where is Mila Kunis and where is Liam Neeson? I didn’t even realize Kunis wasn’t going to be in this until I saw the trailer. I thought she was the weakest part of Ted but I still liked her character and want to see her here. And I wanted to see Liam Neeson! I can wait to see him though, and continue predicting who he’ll be. Morgan Freeman!!!! That’s all I gotta say about that.

Overall, very happy with this trailer. I trust MacFarlane’s instincts this time and while I think while the humor will be the same, it looks creative and fresh so I can’t wait. Besides This Is The End I don’t think I’ve laughed as much in a movie since Ted. So those are my thoughts and expectations,  hope you’ve enjoyed them.


2 thoughts on “Ted 2 Trailer Talk

  1. Ted is massively funny and you are right comedy sequels are rarely as successful as their predecessors and slightly formulaic, lets see well there is Airplane II, Cannonball Run II, National Lampoon’s European vacation, Blues Brothers 2000 (urgh!) and so-on. But I believe Ted maybe be the exception to the rule, we will have to wait and see. Mila Kunis definitely is not in it but for some reason the all singing, all dancing but rarely acting Amanda Seyfried has managed to get a role in this as either Ted’s or Jonh’s love interest. Here is hoping for a gut buster as equals are rarely as good as their counterparts, but that is a whole other debate.


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