Super Bowl Movie Trailers

Yesterday we saw a tragedy. Not really, but I do not like the Patriots at all. I could write an entire dissertation on what happened during that game but since this is a movie blog I figure I should talk about movies, after all I’m a Steelers fan and shouldn’t have even cared that much.

One of the great things about the Super Bowl is the commercials and of course new trailers for upcoming movies. Being in a room full of people during the Super Bowl I missed more than I wanted to so I had to watch them online later. That’s the one problem with Super Bowl parties. Anyway there were quite a few trailers and now I shall talk about them.

First of all I did see the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer and am as indifferent as I was before. I have no interest in seeing this movie, I don’t have anything against it, I’m just don’t care. If you liked the books and the movie looks good that’s your deal. I will say the marketing for this movie had been great. It was the most watched trailer of 2014, in a year that released an Avengers and Star Wars trailer. Everyone knows about this movie and are taking about so they’re doing something right. I can see the appeal of this too for fans of the book.

The Furious 7 trailer was underwhelming for me as well. The first trailer looked good to me and this one didn’t really show anything new. I’m still anxious to see this as it’s the last thing we’ll be able to see with Paul Walker. I was late to see the first six movies in this franchise. I saw them all this summer, except for Tokyo Drift because it doesn’t have Paul Walker. He is my favorite part of those movies and Vin Diesel is really fun too. Overall this movie didn’t blow me away, I knew it was coming out, I’m not going out at midnight to see it but I am still excited to see it.

I haven’t seen Pitch Perfect and the only part I liked of the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer was Clay Matthews and the Packers.

Even though I hate Tom Brady I did like his scene in Ted 2. We know Ted is having a child with his girlfriend, soon to be wife and need a sperm donor. So of course they try to take Brady’s. Lifting up the covers to a bright light radiating from his lower body was hilarious and more welcomed than the scene at the sperm bank. Mark Wahlberg said before the game that Brady had a career after the NFL so maybe he can get in my good graces.

That Insurgent movie? No. Just no.

Terminator Genisys I have no hope for. I like Arnold Schwarzenegger coming back but this looks like it has no potential. If I here its good I’ll see it, if not I probably won’t be checking it out. I hope it’s good because I love the first two and like the third more than most.

I knew there probably wasn’t going to be a Batman v Superman or Star Wars trailer, but how awesome would that have been. That would have been the one thing everyone would’ve gotten quiet for and talked about after.

Like I said, I didn’t see all the commercials so I missed some and had to see them later. One of these was Jurassic Park. I recently rewatched the trilogy and think the series is prime for a re-imagining and can’t wait to see how Chris Pratt will do. I love how they’re teasing the new dinosaur and only showing little bits of it. I only hope they slowly build it up till the end. I know people didn’t like that Godzilla did that but I think they did it well. Also I like that it’s not just going to be dinosaurs hunting humans, the new dinosaur seems to be the only “bad guy” and the roles will change up a little. Lines like it kills for sport get me excited for how they introduce this monster dinosaur. One thing not in the first trailer was Pratt training the velociraptors which good possibly good, we’ll see. Overall, I like most of the trailers so far and can’t wait to see it.

For the final trailer I’m going to talk about Tomorrowland. I call this the wild card. It looks really, really good. But with the wrong direction it could easily suck. Brad Bird, the director of Mission Impossible 4, Ratatouille, The Iron Giant AND The Incredibles, is doing this and I have lots of faith in him. He knows how to make a beautiful movie with great action and characters. This looks like an such an imaginative film with so much to explore. I love the flash when the girl touches the ring and sees a whole new world. I really hope we see even more than what we’ve seen in these trailers. Like I said, done thoroughly, I could see this being one of my favorite movies of the year. It could also be a big disappointment because of the expectations it has made for itself. Kind of like Interstellar, it had so much hype and no one knew what it was about and ended up disappointing a lot of people. Needless to say, this one is very prominent on my summer radar.

For those who don’t know, Chris Evans as a Patriots fan and Chris Pratt with the Seahawks made a bet on twitter saying that the loser had to go to a children’s hospital with the opposite team’s jerseys. Captain America won, so congrats to him, but I don’t think I can root for a Patriots fan in Civil War.

As for the commercials in general, I thought there was not enough funny and too much drama and serious ones. No Budweiser commercial will ever compete with the one with Landslide playing anyway. And were these really with 4.5 million dollars to show? I guess we’ll see.

And it would have made the day so much better if James Franco and Seth Rogen had sang the firework song with Katy Perry at half time but oh well.

All in all, not my favorite Super Bowl. My team didn’t win, commercials weren’t great, and no trailer blew me away. Looking as an unbiased fan, it was one of the best Super Bowls in a long time but sadly the Pats won. We will all win this summer though with all these movies coming out, can’t wait!


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