Creed, Point Break Remake – Release Dates Announced

As of today, we now know when the Rocky spinoff, Creed, and the Point Break remake are coming out. And they’re both this year! Add two more to my crowded anticipated movies list of 2015. Creed is set to come out on my mom’s birthday, November 25th, and Point Break will come out one month later on Christmas day.

I am a huge fan of the Rocky movies. The first one is one of my favorites of all time and the rest are my guilty pleasures, except V because that one doesn’t exist and we don’t talk about it. I’ve been keeping up with the news of a Rocky spinoff since the beginning almost. I remember when it was first brought up, Michael B Jordan was cast and to be directed by Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler, and when Stallone became interested. Now we have a release date, and so much sooner than I expected. My mom loves Rocky too so I know what we’ll be doing after Thanksgiving/birthday dinner. I love everything about this movie. There’s nothing that worries me and I cannot wait!


I think Michael B Jordan is a fantastic (get it??) actor who has a huge future ahead of him. Put him in a movie with Ryan Coogler again is a great formula for success. Fruitvale Station was a very powerful, underrated film that I loved. Thinking about it, it is kind of similar to the original Rocky. The first two acts work heavily on character and story development, and the final act has an emotional punch to it. What I also like is that Sylvester Stallone is not the only one making this movie. His name is not going to appear on every other credit. I love what he did creating his character in the original film as a writer but he did not direct it. The sequels were made on cruise control. Stallone became lazy, rehashing old stories, and not adding much in terms of story. I love them as a guilty pleasure but they could be a lot better. I thought Rocky Balboa was a huge step forward and the second best in the franchise. Stallone will only be acting in this one, and he knows that character so well he could basically write himself. Coogler is also penning the script with Aaron Covington. I can’t wait to see their vision of a new Rocky movie.

The movie will have Rocky Balboa training Apollo Creed’s grandson (Michael B Jordan), and short of that I don’t know what else the movie is about. I’m sure we’ll know more by trailer time but for now I am content to stay in suspense.

point break

Taking the previous place of the fifth Mission Impossible installment is the Point Break remake, set for a December 25th release. I know nothing about this movie. I of course love the original Point Break but don’t think it needs to be remade. It stands alone fine even today. That being said, I’m still very anxious to see this movie. I have to wait for a trailer before I go running to the theater to see it, but I do have hope. Why? I’m not sure. Nothing I’ve heard about it impresses me. It’s directed by Ericson Core who’s mainly worked as a DP, written by Kurt Wimmer who hasn’t done anything of real importance, and features actors I’ve never heard of or seen in movies. I should mention, I only know this cause I am looking at IMDb right now, or else I’d have no idea who the hell was making this movie. Now just because there’s no big name attached to the film besides the title, doesn’t mean it will suck. It just means we have to be a bit skeptical. This movie could be amazing, or it could be as good as what I make while on the toilet.

Since it is a remake I’m sure they’ll change it up while still making it obvious it is a Point Break movie. Like I said, I know nothing about this movie so this is all speculation. I really do hope it is good but I’ll just have to wait to see. It should also be noted that it comes out only a week after Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Yeah, good luck with that.


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