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Everything is awesome!!! This movie is awesome. Legos are awesome. Here are my awesome thoughts on The Lego Movie:

The Lego Movie is written and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and stars a ton of great voice actors. There is a lot going for this movie, not an Oscar, but still a lot to enjoy. They even made their own Lego Oscar on twitter which is better than the actual statue.

For the majority of this movie I had a great time relieving my childhood imagination. There was something magic about taking boxes of Legos and creating anything you can think of. I had a table that was full of Harry Potter Lego sets and characters and boxes and boxes of random Lego pieces. What I loved the most about this movie was how it captured the imagination of playing with Legos. Every Lego person had a personality, they lived in their own world you created with these toys. Not too long ago I found my old boxes of Legos in storage. I took off the lid and looked at the thousands of random Lego pieces I used to create some much things out of. But the imagination wasn’t there. I couldn’t think of something to make or create a world for my Lego people to inhabit. I could remember just looking at pieces and knowing what I wanted. I had a plan in my head and knew which pieces I needed. Legos were just a memory for me.

This movie invigorated my love of Legos that I haven’t felt since I was a kid. The way they created separate worlds, like different Lego sets and literally everything were Legos. Explosions were all small Lego pieces, the sky and backgrounds were all Lego. They made the world that only I could imagine when playing with Legos, the world I lost when I tried to build with Legos later in my life.

Even the way the movie was shot looked great. It was all done on computer, but made to look like stop motion, closer to how real Lego people would move. This gave it a more authentic and true to Lego look that fans of Legos will love and the general movie goer will enjoy as well. Sometimes the animation looked sloppy, where an explosion blurred Legos together and I couldn’t tell they were Legos.

The pacing initially was a little off. It doesn’t really find its stride until it gets into the main part of the story with Chris Pratt’s character. It’s very fast paced and stalls every once and a while but still is enjoyable. They just go from one world to another which works sometimes because it is cool to see these different Lego sets being used. It is definitely a very sharp and good looking movie throughout.

I was enjoying The Lego Movie from minute five till about fifteen minutes left in the film. The last fifteen minutes I loved. There will be spoilers in this paragraph because I want to talk about the end of this movie so badly. We eventually see Pratt’s Emmet fall through a vortex, black hole or something that looks like the one scene from 2001 A Space Odyssey. At the end Emmet can see our world. He sees a kid playing on a table full of Legos. He finally realizes from watching on the ground that this kid is what the Lego characters talk about as a God. The camera pans around the room and we see the actual sets that we saw in the movie. All the characters are actual Lego pieces and we were seeing everything through this boy’s imagination. We know Lord Business was voiced by Will Ferrell but now realize that he is the father and the Legos are his and the kid just wants to play with them. What really brings this movie to a beautiful and touching end is when Emmet convinces Lord Business to stop controlling everything and let the people build what they want, while in real life the father sees what his son made out of the Legos and all conflict is resolved.

The plot overall isn’t a total cliche but it does hit a lot of the typical tropes for this kind of movie. The writers know this and still make it funny. They are very self aware. Sometimes the simplest story is the most powerful one as well.

The voices in this movie are outrageous. So many talented well known actors and actresses did great work here. The highlights for me besides Pratt were Elizabeth Banks and Charlie Day. Banks has a perfect voice that so well into this movie. I love her on screen and she was just as delightful only providing her voice. Charlie Day wasn’t in a lot of the movie but when he was he stole his scenes. His character is great in “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” and he continued that streak into his limited screen time. He was pretty much the comic relief of an already very funny movie. I’d also be remised if I didn’t talk about how awesome Batman was. Will Arnett was perfectly cast for sarcastic and witty character he played and now they’re doing a spinoff with him!

Overall this movie was a lot of fun. It had a bunch of pop culture references and a wide range of humor for all audiences. It does lag and has some pacing flaws but otherwise I loved everything about this movie. Highly recommended. A must see if you love Legos.


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