Miles Teller In ‘Bleed For This’ – Movie News

It’s amazing about how excited one can get from just one picture. I don’t know if I’ll say a thousand words about it, but it does nonetheless say a thousand words. This picture I’m refering to is that of Miles Teller in his new role in Bleed For This. The Hollywood Reporter posted the photo of Teller in the ring with a few other people. It’s not much but it does make me incredibly excited to see this movie.


Before Whiplash I would not have written this. Now I’ve seen it and Teller’s performance, plus after seeing him in this photo, he is climbing my list of favorite actors fast! I don’t know how, but he was UNDERRATED in Whiplash. The Oscar nomination went to JK Simmons but in a different year without so much contenders, he should be nominated. Him and Gyllenhaal were criminally underrated performances. Gyllenhaal should have broke out into the mainstream, A-list category and Teller as a breakthrough force of nature. Basically I love that Teller is in this, I love that he’s getting great roles, and I am really impressed at his career so far.

Not only does Miles Teller look perfect for this role (Seriously, did you see the picture?) the team of filmmakers is awesome too. When I look at people making a film I pay most attention to the director, writer, cinematographer, and sometimes the producer. In this case the executive producer is Martin Scorsese! Holy crap if he’s a part of this I have to see it right away. It is written and directed by Ben Younger who did Boiler Room, which I haven’t seen so I don’t know what to expect from him. Cinematography is done by some guy named Larkin Seiple who did Cop Car which just premiered at Sundance. We’ll have to wait and see on that one too. Aaron Eckhart is also in this. I’ve liked him a lot ever since I saw The Dark Knights and can’t wait to see him here.


Basing my opinions solely of this one photo I still get really excited. Teller looks totally believable, intense, and reminds me of Rocky. Of course it’s hard to determine how good it will be from one picture, but I haven’t seen anything that deters me from it.

From what little I’ve read (IMDb), the movie is a true story about a boxer, Vinny Pazienza, who made a huge comeback after getting in a fatal car crash. I think this a great story and is a perfect fit for Teller. I know he can handle it if he brings what he did to Whiplash. And a true story always bodes well for award season. I don’t think it has a date for its 2015 release but it sounds like to me that it could be a best picture type film, certainly best lead by Teller. If he loses he has to do the De Niro I coulda been a contender line from Raging Bull.

So we have this, Creed, and Southpaw with Gyllenhaal all presumably coming out this year. What’s with boxing movies this year? I’m not complaining, just curious. It does worry me though that it will be worn out by time Creed comes out Thanksgiving. Or maybe this will be after that. Like everything else in life we’ll just have to wait and see, and watch Rocky again.


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