Legacy of The Amazing Spider-Man – Movie Thoughts

The news about the Marvel character, Spider-Man, coming to Marvel Studios has been out for a few days now, and as most people I assume are, I’m very excited to see Spider become part of the MCU. I don’t know every detail about the deal that was made, just that Sony technically still has creative rights to the character and Marvel will act only from a producing stand point. Sony will still market, release it, and all that movie stuff. Some of what I’ve heard (rumors and opinions) says that Sony still in control is just to save face, that Kevin Feige and the people over at Marvel are really the ones controlling the next Spider-Man films. I’m not a comic book reader, nor do I pay that close attention to all these superhero movies coming out. I am vaguely aware of what’s coming out within the decade, but don’t know some of the characters or what the movies are about. I’ll be getting most of that info while I’m actually watching the movie. However, I know and like Spider-Man, and am excited to see a new reincarnation of his character.

This transfer of rights I think happened because of the failures of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and possibly because of the Sony hacks that occurred several months ago. Personally, I really liked the first Amazing Spider-Man and even enjoyed the second. It wasn’t great, I acknowledge that, but despite some flaws here and there, I didn’t mind it and had a good time with it. What I blame for all of its problems is Sony. It’s been known for a while that the corporate studio heads at Sony kept on interfering with the film, trying to add a bunch of things, and essentially ruined the vision director Marc Webb had for the movie. That is the main reason I like this news and hope Spider-Man does better in the MCU and involved with Marvel, because the property is still technically Sony’s.


There is now already a stand alone Spider-Man moving coming out in July of 2017, but the character will appear in a Marvel movie before that. Many are predicting the Civil War movie. I like this idea, but it made me think about the two Spider-Man movies by Marc Webb, with Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man.

The three Sam Raimi films starring Tobey Maguire had a good beginning, middle, and alright end. The trilogy for the most part was a success and wrapped up nicely. I don’t know if Raimi was going to do a fourth, but I like the trilogy as is. I think most people too, are satisfied with it as a whole. But what about the two Amazing Spider-Man films? They created a universe and are leaving it unfinished. I understand the decision, I’m just worried about those movies down the road. If the new Spider-Man movie is really good and successful, then where will they be? Probably brushed under the carpet and everyone will forget about them. Just like The Crystal Skull, and Rocky V.


I would have liked to see an attempt at a third film, just to see how the story would conclude, and do justice to the characters they did create. They killed off Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, but Andrew Garfield was a very good and likeable Peter Parker. His grandmother played by Sally Field was also excellent in the short screen time she did have. For all the wrong the movies did, especially the second, they had a lot of redeemable qualities that I enjoyed watching. Sadly, they are most likely going to be ignored, pushed off as a draft or first try, and not taken seriously. I hope this doesn’t happen.

Think fifty or so years from now. I’m sure we’ll all still remember movies like The Dark Knight or The Avengers, but not the Amazing Spider-Man. They’ll only be known by dedicated fans of the character and a handful of us today with good memories. In conversation, a common phrase about them will sound like “they made two other Spider-Man movies not done by Marvel, really?” Kind of like when I found out the latest Fantastic Four movies weren’t the first ones. Maybe they can find a cult following later, but for now they’re just going to be left behind.

To conclude my thoughts, I am happy we’ll see a new Spider-Man relatively soon. I think it will be successful and reinvigorated, making the character a fan favorite again. If this does happen, I have a feeling no one will care about the last two films they made. They’re going to be forgot about, left behind, just like Jesse from Toy Story 2. I hope I’m wrong on this because I did like both films, and hopefully they are remembered for what they did right and what could have been.


4 thoughts on “Legacy of The Amazing Spider-Man – Movie Thoughts

  1. Great post. I feel sorry for these movies as well. I really enjoyed them. Especially the first. I also wrote about my thoughts, you should check it out if you haven’t already.
    I just really feel bad for Andrew Garfield getting the shit end of the stick as this popular character.

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    • I really liked Andrew Garfield and he did get screwed by this. I do however think the character will do well in the MCU and I’m very excited to see their version

      I do agree with you on your post about not needing another origin story. We just saw two Peter Parker origins not too long ago and we all know it by now.

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      • Yeah I think marvel knows better to not give that to us again. That’d be the perfect way to get people to stop caring about the character instantly. Especially for the general public who don’t know about the back story dealing with the studio ownership

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