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It’s not very often that Cameron Crowe comes out with a new movie, and that is why I cannot wait to see Aloha. This movie was supposed to come out late last year, but is now scheduled for May. There must be confidence in this film if they think it can make money during the summer blockbuster season. Before this trailer, I honestly hadn’t heard anything at all about this. Now it’s one I’m most excited to see this year.

I love Cameron Crowe. Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies, and besides Vanilla Sky, I think all of his movies are really good. Recently, he hasn’t been perfect, but he still has his heart and a great sense of music. I have to admit, I watched Jerry Maguire last night for the very first time. I liked the Aloha trailer so much I finally saw it. I haven’t seen his documentaries, but since I love classic rock, I’ll definitely be checking them out. Crowe is becoming one of my favorites pretty fast.


The trailer is not just great because Crowe’s name is attached to it. It stands by itself as a funny, touching, and entertaining movie. The very first scene with Bradley Cooper and Alec Baldwin had me nearly laughing out loud. I had to check to make sure my sound was turned on. It starts with an awkward silence, broken a few seconds later by Cooper saying how he remembers the good times and Baldwin quickly yelling back that there were no good times. I don’t know the context of this but it made me happily confused. Another scene I thought was hilarious was with John Krasinski only making movements towards Cooper, and him understanding everything he “said.” Once again, I have no idea what this is about, but I love it.

After watching Jerry Maguire, I thought the movie had two main plots: Cuba Gooding Jr’s football story, and the relationship between Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger. The latter I though was the best part of the movie. The relationships and characters in a Cameron Crowe movie are always so well written and likeable. They never get old, and always leave you with a smile on your face. Or they do for me. I remember in Roger Ebert’s review of Almost Famous he said he was almost hugging himself. That’s the kind of feeling a great Cameron Crowe film will give you. From the tone of the trailer, I think this movie will do that well.


That cast of this film is phenomenal! I have to list them: Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Alec Bladwin, John Krasinski, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and BILL MURRAY! I think Cooper is terrific and I’ve always loved Emma Stone since Superbad. Baldwin and Krasinski look like they are going to be hilarious, when are they not? I don’t know if I can buy Stone as a top gun pilot or whatever she is, but I don’t care, it’s Emma Stone. Danny McBride stood out a little to me but I think he’ll do alright in a smaller, subdued performance. And Bill Murray. Bill Murray. I’ve been watching a lot of Wes Anderson recently and I have a whole new level of admiration for Bill Murray. I can’t wait.

As far as the story goes, the trailer reveals Cooper is an ex Air Force pilot who now has to work with Stone who he gains feelings for, and reconnects in a way with his former girlfriend, McAdams. I’m not sure if Krasinski is with her or where he fits in, but I don’t really care either. Jerry Maguire introduces Cruise’s character so well just in the opening credits. You have an idea of where the story goes, and it usually does go that way, but it is such a fun ride to get there. I don’t need to know much more, I’m already there in the theater.

Overall, can’t wait for this movie. I think it’ll be Crowe’s best in a while. And now I have something to look forward to after seeing Avengers, besides Star Wars. Of course there are going to be lots more but those are the important ones.


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