30 Things I Love About The Breakfast Club

This week The Breakfast Club is turning 30 years old. Wow that makes me feel old. Not really, but I’m sure it does for a lot of people. This is one of the few films that is still iconic after thirty years. Almost everyone I know has seen it. If you went to high school you probably like this movie a lot. I saw it as a junior in high school and immediately connected to it. Without going into a full out review, I think the reason it is so popular today is because it is timeless. It takes place primarily in one room, and except for clothing styles and some small details, it feels completely new and relevant to life today. What the 5 kids in detention all talk about in the film has happened everyday in real life since it’s release. Therefore, a new generation will discover it, and end up loving as much as we do. In celebration of this 30 year old classic, I’m going to list 30 things I love about The Breakfast Club.


1. As I said, it is and always will be relevant to high school kids
2. The song “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”
3. John Hughes’ cameo as Brian’s father
4. Ally Sheedy’s dandruff
5. The unnecessary, but tons of fun dance sequence
6. The last 4 numbers of Brian’s social security number are the same as the last four of my license number
7. “You mess with the bull, you get the horns”
8. Bologna on the statue
9. Andrew’s athlete lunch

10. Bender’s interrupted joke in the ceiling
11. “Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?”
12. Wondering if Molly Ringwald can actually put on lipstick like that
13. Reminds to make sure my heart doesn’t die when I get old
14. I wanna be an airborne ranger, then try out for a scholarship
15. The cast’s audio commentary
16. Taping Larry Lester’s buttcheaks together
17. Ally Sheedy doesn’t say a word until 33 minutes into the movie
18. Bender’s locker
19. The 1000 word essay
20. Richard Vernon became a principal after being fired as the cop from Die Hard
21. Vernon playing with his coffee cup
22. Ally Sheedy after her makeover

23. Smoking pot with Brian and Claire
24. They have the coolest library that’s actually a gym ever
25. Marijuana in Brian’s pants
26. This scene:

27. Great chemistry and dialogue between cast members
28. The last shot
29. The movie never gets old
30. Every single scene



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