2015 Oscar Winners And Losers

The 87th Academy Awards are officially over with. All statues have been handed out and all that is left is to talk about them. I’ve said it before that this was an incredible year in movies. Even though only one film could walk away with the best picture award, we all win because we got to see these movies. That being said, they deserve our recognition and to be rewarded, or at least nominated. Looking at you Lego Movie. Either way, I for one was very pleased with the overall day, from the very beginning of the red carpet, to Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar after show. Oscar Sunday has become one of my favorite days of the year and now that it’s over, I can reflect on it


My day started off by turning on the TV around noon to see early coverage of the Oscars. Got some highlights of old Oscars, list of the most influential films of all time, and predictions for who would win. Then came my least favorite part: The fashion talk and red carpet stuff. I love seeing celebrities all getting together but don’t care about who they’re wearing. That just sounds weird. I got some insight anyway though. Apparently Eddie Redmayne is very fashion savvy.

Now to the part we ALL care about. The winners and losers of 2014. Let’s start where the show started. Well, after Neil Patrick Harris’ song with Anna Kendrick and Jack Black, which was awesome. JK Simmons won best supporting actor for Whiplash. If you read my thoughts on it, you know I loved Whiplash and Simmons was fully deserving of this award. It was no surprise he won and it felt great to see him win. Continuing on with the Whiplash success, it won two more for sound mixing and editing. I assumed Boyhood would win for editing but I’m so glad Whiplash won. This early success kind of got my hopes up for bigger wins… unfortunately it didn’t. I really thought it could take best adapted screenplay but The Imitation Game took that one.


There were two surprises that stood out to me. The first one is that Big Hero 6 won best animated picture. I thought it would be the movie I haven’t seen, How To Train Your Dragon 2, but I was happy that the movie I did see took away the Oscar. The Lego Movie still should have won. The second surprise was The Imitation Game winning best adapted screenplay. I personally wouldn’t have voted for it but it was still a good choice. And Graham Moore’s speech was really good. With his speech and subject matter of the film, you could tell it was very personal and important to him.

The speeches were awesome this year as well. JK was excellent as always, Graham Moore and Common had very powerful ones, and Eddie Redmayne was great. It was a welcomed change from the usual held back speeches. He looks like what most of us would look like if we ever won an Oscar. Good for him. Matthew McConaughey’s hero was even there too.

My favorite film of the year was Birdman, so I was quite satisfied the way the Oscars ended. It won best picture and Alejandro González Iñárritu won best director. It also gained awards for best cinematography and original screenplay. It deserved each and every one of these and more. Birdman was completely original, meta, and unbelievably funny. I can’t remember the last time my favorite movie of the year actually won best picture. I was rooting for Keaton to win best leading actor but Redmayne was a very worthy opponent to lose to.

Sean Penn had me so nervous though. He waited so long to say Birdman that I wasn’t sure it would actually win. Iñárritu does have his green card and his film deservedly won. He and Penn are long time friends so I don’t think that was insulting even though that comment was surprising.

I feel Boyhood got too much hate at the end of this award season. I think people just got tired of hearing the story or “gimmick” that it was filmed over 12 years. It is not a gimmick though. You don’t spend more than a decade on something for a gimmick. It took dedication and a great vision to bring that film together and make it as good as it was. If you didn’t connect with it, that’s fine, but it was a huge triumph for those invloved, and they deserve to be recognized. With all of the hype, people were expecting way more than Boyhood was ever supposed to give. Granted, there was a lot of heavy competition and any movie would have had trouble winning this year.

No one really cares for the shorts, but if you saw Big Hero 6, you saw the short animated film, Feast, which ended up winning. I also found it hilarious that these were also the people with the longest speeches. Plus the winner for Ida, they all took up a bunch of time. It was funny though to see him keep talking AFTER the wrap it up music stopped.


As for the show, you know, the thing that makes it three and a half hours long, I thought it was fine. I was checking Twitter throughout and no one liked NPH at all. I thought he was fine except for that drawn out Oscar predictions joke. I don’t remember the Oscars with Billy Crystal so maybe my standards are just low. John Travolta is so creepy as well. He couldn’t stop touching faces or making weird comments, but he was the funniest part of the show. He was featured a lot on Twitter too. Who knew Lady Gaga had any talent either? She was actually amazing! If you didn’t see her you probably don’t believe me, but if I’m saying she was good, she was.

Overall I was very happy with the outcomes. I am not outraged by any winners and every film nominated I liked a lot. Like I said, all of us who saw these movies, won. The entertainment fell a bit flat, but I still enjoyed NPH as a host. I believed this was a great conclusion to 2014 movies, every best picture nominee won at least one award, Interstellar got something, and finally my favorite movie won! Here’s to another great year of movies, and Star Wars, which is going to blow the rest of those movies out of the water.


2 thoughts on “2015 Oscar Winners And Losers

  1. I can’t believe Lady Gaga either ! She was amazing! I was disappointed about Boyhood not winning more. I felt Linklater deserved best director and it also deserved best film editing. To take a movie filed over 12 years and make it cohesive is no easy feat. I was also upset with how many awards Budapest won. It was good, but not that good compared to the competition.

    Billy Crystal is the man 🙂


    • She was a big surprise! I can understand both directors winning, Iñárritú for his work behind the camera setting up all those shots and Linklater for the 12 year vision and execution he had. He probably had hours of footage to edit too so I agree with you for film editing. I want to see Billy Crystal do another!!

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