Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Snowden – Movie News

Today, Joseph Gordon-Levitt went on Facebook to publish a couple photos of the first day of shooting for his upcoming film, directed by Oliver Stone, Snowden. One photo shows him in character playing Snowden himself, and the other is a selfie with Stone in the background. After seeing these, and Gordon-Levitt’s excitement for this film, I cannot wait to see this movie!

Oliver Stone is one of my favorite directors. Even though he hasn’t made a great movie in a while, I love the stories he tells and risks he takes. He was the director that first gave me awareness of filmmaking and when my passion for film really began. I saw Platoon in my sophomore high school history class, and sought out the rest of Stone’s films. I believe he still has the ability to make another really good movie, and this one could be it.

For one, he is collaborating with one of the best talents working today, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I first became aware of him in 2010 with Inception. After The Dark Knight Rises, I went back and saw some of his movies like (500) Days Of Summer and 50/50. He is a dedicated, likeable, and terrific actor. With this and The Walk coming out in 2015, I think an Oscar nomination for him is guaranteed. It’s also interesting that both of those films also have Oscar winning documentaries about the same subject.


Accompanying the photo above, Gordon-Levitt talked a little about Snowden’s background before he worked for the CIA. He was enlisted in the Army and broke his legs during basic training at Fort Benning. Hey, I know someone who is doing basic training there right now! I wonder if he knows about that. I love these comments because it shows he has a lot of interest invested in this story and is excited to be filming it. He also went on to say that the basic training was tough but he was honored to do it, and he keeps telling himself:
“This is the guy who directed Platoon.” To prepare for Platoon, Stone had his actors go through that kind of training before filming and got great, realistic performances from them. So, I think starting Gordon-Levitt at basic training is a great idea.

The next photo below has Gordon-Levitt taking a selfie with Stone behind him, titled “Oliver Stone’s first selfie.” This doesn’t divulge any information about the movie, but it makes me like Gordon-Levitt even more. He is a genuinely good person, grateful for the opportunity to be in Stone’s 20th film. It’s also great to see Stone giving the peace sign while looking through something. Everything I’ve seen and heard about this movie from these photos and all other news, has made me incredibly anxious to see this movie.


I’m not very familiar with the life of Edward Snowden, or much of the controversy involving him recently. I’m not sure if I want to research the topic now or after I see the movie, because I don’t want to judge it by how realistic it is, but how it is as a film. I am nevertheless excited to see Stone’s vision of it, knowing there is almost certainly going to be controversy around it. That’s what I love about Stone and his previous work.

It is currently set for a Christmas day release. I will probably see it right away, but I think most will probably be seeing this small film you might have heard of (Star Wars) for a second time that weekend. That’ll probably take away a chunk of its box office numbers, but I doubt Stone cares that much. It does seem though that a lot of movies are trying to stay away from that day, understandably.

Star Wars, Avengers, Spectre, Creed, Hateful Eight, and this! I’m freaking out. I’m going to see so many movies this year. I have to start saving my money just to buy tickets, because all of those are repeat viewing movies. It sucks that it’s only March. May 1st needs to get here faster. Anyway, I’m so glad I finally got to see these photos for Snowden. I will definitely be talking about the trailer when it comes out also. I believe this will be the beginning of Stone’s comeback, Gordon-Levitt will have a great year, and this film will be heavily present during awards season. I’m incredibly optimistic right now, let’s just hope I’m not wrong.


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