Inside Out – Trailer Talk

Pixar is coming out with another movie this year, so of course it looks awesome. I always felt that lamp was too mean towards the Pixar logo, but otherwise, I love everything they’ve done. This movie is called Inside Out, and has a great set of voice actors including, Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Lewis Black, Diane Lane, and Kyle Maclachlan.

Each of them are voices of different emotions inside your head. There’s joy, anger, sadness, fear, and disgust. They all collaborate together, and control everything in your mind. So when you are incredibly happy, you know Amy Poehler is doing something in your head.

The primary story follows a girl and her two parents. So far we have only seen them at the dinner table, the rest has showed us the world inside their heads. The “emotions” have their own little adventures that will end up affecting their human. And I think this is a great idea for a film!

Pixar has done a remarkable job of marketing this movie so far. The first footage peeked my interest, just the concept was enough to sell me on it. The emotions watching a hockey game while the man’s wife tries to talk to him wass hilarious, among many others. They introduced the idea perfectly, but didn’t tell us what it is about. The second trailer does this.

The main human character is the daughter, Riley. She is new to San Francisco and is sad about something. Just from this and her parent’s reactions, you know there is going to be a lot of heart and feels throughout this movie. It seems the majority of the story will take place in the control room of her mind. That is where all the emotions are. Essentially, their job is to make her happy again. The plot is simple enough, but there are so many places they could take it.

A Pixar film masterfully creates a story that connects to audiences of every age demographic. I probably love and appreciate Toy Story more now than I did as a kid. Even in this trailer I felt emotionally invested with the story. That one scene with the three of them hugging each other hit me way harder than it should have. Out of context, it is still an incredibly emotional scene. While partially catering to the younger audience, there appears to be some deep exploration into the mind that as well.

Our memories are little orb like spheres, according to this movie. When we remember an event, that memory sphere is placed on a sort of pedestal. The character, Joy, spills some of them and gets sucked up into a tube with Sadness, voiced by Phyllis Smith. They eventually find themselves in the long term memory storage. It reminded me of that room from Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, and what I learned about memory from Psychology class. I can’t wait to see how they portray memory and execute it with the story.

It looks like this movie will explore things in our mind like dreams and imagination too. They visit places like Imagination Land and Dream Productions, which obviously is where those things come from. Their portrayals of these look so creative and appealing, I’m excited to see how far they go into our mind. And from then on, I’ll always personify my emotions as these characters.

There is also some great humor here too, lots of it coming from Poehler and Smith. I was nearly laughing out loud at things like San Francisco ruining pizza, the rainbow unicorn, and the father trying to figure out what his wife is mad at him about. The dynamic between all the emotions is going to be fantastic, and Pixar never fails to make me laugh.

I had so much fun from just two minutes of this trailer. Imagine how much I’m going to have watching the whole thing. Disney seems to be confident in this too, refering to it as possibly their best yet. That is a HUGE claim, one I hope is absolutely true. Even if it is one of their less great movies, I’m sure I will still love it. Already, this sounds like a great set up for sequels instead of something like Ghostbusters, but that’s a different discussion. There are so many things I like about this trailer that make me unbelievably excited to see it. June needs to get here faster.


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