House Of Cards Is On Netflix – TV Pick

My site is predominantly focused on movies and anything concerning that topic. While most of what I watch is movies, I have a few TV shows that I like to watch. Lately, I’ve hardly watched any TV since football is over. I keep up with Parks And Recreation but that’s about it. When a group of friends and I were scrolling through Netflix, someone mentioned that I should watch House Of Cards. I’ve heard really good things about it and I’m a fan of Kevin Spacey, so I figure it’s about time that I check this show out.

The biggest reason I don’t watch a lot of TV series is because I am not willing to dedicate a lot of time to watching them. With movies, I can be done with them after two hours or so. I don’t have enough time in my day to schedule a time to see a show. Back in high school I could binge watch Breaking Bad everyday after school. Even though I knew I could have been doing something productive, I had to watch the next episode. Cliffhangers really mess with my head. The worst feeling ever is having to wait a year to see another season of a great series. That is one reason I sometimes won’t watch a show until all of the episodes are on Netflix and I don’t have to wait.

I’ve been hearing about House Of Cards since it was put on Netflix, but haven’t taken the time to see it. I try not to do this, but the political genre doesn’t interest me a lot, so I hesitate to watch it. I do believe, however, that any genre can be great if done right. Therefore, I’ve decided to finally check out the pilot and see what I think.

What I know about the show is that Kevin Spacey is a powerful, possibly corrupt politician in Washington. Jenny or Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright) is also in it, and I’m pretty sure the two of them are married. They both seem to be dark and intimidating characters as well. That’s about it, so I will now watch the first episode of House Of Cards.

Note: I am on a road trip to California currently and have written this in advance. I can guarantee though, that I wrote the part above before watching the pilot, and the rest of the post is after watching it.




Well this looks like a show I’m going to have to start watching. I thought it was a very good pilot, and makes me excited to see what comes next. From what I’ve heard about this show, I wouldn’t say it lived up to my expectations. I didn’t have that oh my god moment that every Breaking Bad episode did. But it did not disappoint, and it is only one episode. Breaking Bad didn’t even wow me much the first couple episodes. But they both did what they’re supposed to: Make me want to watch the next episode.

I loved how we were introduced to Spacey ‘s character, Frank Underwood, in the very first scene. You know right away, the kind of person he is. And he is going to be a great character. Spacey plays him so well, has a great on-screen persona, and breaks the fourth exceptionally. The last scene with him at the Presidential Inaguaration sitting just out of frame and staring right at you even when every started applauding was an amazing way to end. Even a glance he makes to the camera is so effective.

This was directed by David Fincher! I did not know that at all, and was so excited when I saw his name as director. It had the feel of a Fincher film too. From the look had a Zodiac feel, especially the scenes at the Washington Herald. The pacing was similar as well, firmly establishing the tone throughout. Turns out he has only directed one other episode which is a disappointment. Other directors are James Foley, Jodie Foster, and Joel Schumacher. So as long as Tommy Lee Jones is not in those episodes, I’m sure it will be fine.

The primary story follows Underwood, who just got rejected for Secretary of State. While actually being livid, he keeps a calm demeanor that even fools his wife. The set up for the rest of the show seems like it will have him exacting his revenge on those responsible. Not through violence, but seedy political maneuvers. I can grasp enough politics to comprehend most of what is going on so far, and I just hope it stays that way of being easy to follow.

The supporting characters, minus Claire Underwood, didn’t invest me completely into their plots. I’m sure they will begin to have bigger roles with Underwood as I see more episodes though. The character of Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) did stand out for me because she showed that she can stand toe to toe with Spacey both as an actor, and as a character. I’m also interested in seeing Mara act before we see her in Fantastic Four. So far I think she’s a decent choice.

After seeing Chapter 1 of House Of Cards, I am definitely going to start watching more episodes. Spacey is excellent in his role and has a solid supporting cast. The story set up well for more chapters to be told as well. I’m not totally on board yet, but I have a feeling that as I see more, I will be thinking differently.


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