Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation – Trailer Talk

I just got done watching the “teaser” trailer for the fifth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, now officially called Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. It is also a spin off of the Star Wars spinoff, Rogue 1. Just kidding, but apparently rogue is the cool word in film now.


I remember seeing Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol in theaters with close to no expectations for it. I don’t even remember why I saw it because I know for sure I wasn’t a huge fan of the franchise prior. I ended up loving it, and can confidently say it is my favorite film of the four. The scene with Tom Cruise scaling the tallest building in the world is one of the best shot scenes I’ve seen, and watching it on the big screen was nothing short of amazing. The director, Brad Bird, reinvigorated the franchise and made it relevant to me again.

Unfortunately, Bird is not directing this one, although this trailer relieves some of that doubt. It is directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who hasn’t directed anything that has impressed me. However, he has written scripts for movies that I have liked a lot. The ones that stick out to me were last year’s Edge Of Tomorrow and The Usual Suspects, which he won an Oscar for. While less experienced in directing, I have some faith that he will make it worthy of its predecessor.


This trailer doesn’t look drastically different from what we’ve seen before. There’s not much in terms of story, it’s a teaser so that’s appropriate. There is a style that we’re familiar with by now, but if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. That is why I am sustaining my excitement for this film. It feels like a Mission: Impossible movie. I don’t really care what it’s about because I can’t tell you with much accuracy the plots of each film. I do remember the action though. So of course they have to top the skyscraper stunt from 4. This trailer shows Cruise hanging on to a plane taking off. I won’t comment on how realistic that is, but I doubt it is going to be better than the skyscraper.

Just like the trailer, I’m going to make this review short. I’m about as excited as I was before for this movie. The trailer, albeit a teaser, didn’t add anything new for me. It felt like the movies I’m accustomed to, which is a good thing. I don’t want them to try to be like James Bond. I would prefer Bird as the director, but he did Tomorrowland instead. Hopefully McQuarrie is a good replacement. Rogue Nation comes out July of this year, just adding to the long list of movies I’ll have to see. This trailer ensures me that the franchise is going in the right direction and I can’t wait to see the whole film.


2 thoughts on “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation – Trailer Talk

  1. My favorite MI film is either the latest one or the first. Both were excellent titles and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I felt like 2 and 3 were just missing the fun factor that those two titles had. This one certainly has promise and I’m confident that it’s going to be a surprise hit this year. Certainly not Avengers level money, but it should outperform the estimations so far. I’m looking forward to seeing this one in theaters!


    • Those are probably my favorites too, I always liked 3 because of Philip Seymour Hoffman though. I have a feeling this will do better than expected considering the success of the last one too, definitely excited to see it!


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