10 Things I Love About The Office

The very first episode of The Office aired exactly 10 years ago yesterday. I wasn’t there for that, but years later I finally discovered The Office. It then became one of my favorite TV shows of all time, that I watched till the very end. Today I’m going to state the 10 things I love most about The Office:


PB & J. Otherwise known as Pam Beasley and Jim. These two characters have always been one of my favorite parts of this show. Their relationship wasn’t rushed, but developed so that there was no doubt that they were perfect together. They always kept me entertained through their interactions and stories, making it a wonderful experience to see them grow through the seasons. John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer have great chemistry together that shows in their performances.

Steve Carrell. Michael Scott is the character who made The Office. It is really his show no matter how you look at it. Ten years ago, Carrell wasn’t known for comedy like he is now. This show changed everything. While unlikeable at least one time in every episode, you love his character and how immature he is. You know that he means well and is just kind of dumb. He never fails to surprise me or make me laugh at some of the weirdest situations he gets himself into.


Parallels with my own life. I started watching new episodes of The Office in season four because most of my friends were watching it. I decided to check it out and ended up loving it. We talked about this show in middle school up to high school. I always knew it was an important show to me, but it wasn’t until I was graduating high school that I realized the magnitude of its impact on me. The finale aired on a Thursday night. The very next day was my last day of school and I had to say goodbye to my long time friends on top off saying goodbye to The Office. I was so emotional watching that last episode because of the fact that the show I’d been watching for more than half a decade with my friends was ending. Everyone from Dunder Mifflin was moving on and so was I.

The breaking of the fourth wall. Or more simply, characters talking to the camera in character. I’m not sure of this, but this is the first show I remember using this kind of filming. And it worked so well. The camera literally was another character, later explored in season 9. The performances seem more natural and believable this way, even though no office is actually like this one… right? Subtle things like the camera filming people in different rooms and longer scenes add so much. Some of the best moments come from the characters talking directly to the camera.


Jim and Dwight. These two are another great duo famously beginning with the stapler in jello. The relationship between Jim and Dwight is one based on pranks and lovable hate. Jim is always pranking an angry Dwight, but I never believed that any of them actually hated each other. Jim’s go to excuse is that he’s bored or just for fun. That’s another thing that makes me enjoy this show so much: Nobody is bad. Some will do bad things here and there but they are all good people. They all like each other too in the end. Except for maybe Michael to Toby.

Celebrity cameos. Through 9 seasons, we have seen numerous great appearances from other famous names, some only having a few lines, to being in a couple episodes. Before Amy Adams was who she is now, she guest starred in the first season as Jim’s purse selling girlfriend. Ed Begley Jr and Joan Cusack appeared as Erin’s birth parents as well. We also saw a little of Jim Carrey, Will Arnett, and more of James Spader and Will Ferrell. The best for me is Ricky Gervais going back and forth with Carrell in one opening scene. He played the Michael character in the original British version of the same name. There was so much great comedy in just that little bit of time.


It was the king of comedy night done right. In the series finale, Andy talks about the good ol’ days of Dunder Mifflin. For me, watching The Office on Thursday nights were the good times. Community, Parks And Recreation, and 30 Rock added to make the perfect Thursday night for me. Ever since I was in middle school, I was watching NBC every Thursday night until The Office ended. I remember looking forward to that night every week. It was the perfect two hours of entertainment. I even liked the single season of Outsourced they aired one year. Though The Office was always my favorite.

Great supporting cast. The Office is packed with tons of colorful characters, adding so much to the show. They all have their little place in the puzzle, together creating a great product. The character of Creed Bratton is not essential to the story, but it seems every episode he does something unnecessary, yet hilarious. They also give the larger characters more to do, instead of working with each other. There are so many small dynamics that everyone has with each other that provides for great material.


Amazing spinoffs… sort of. Another one of my favorite shows, Parks And Recreation, initially was going to be an Office spinoff but became it’s own show. It did use a similar style to The Office however, leading me to believe that it is in the same universe no matter what people say. Rashida Jones just plays two characters who are twins that don’t talk about each other. Now there are many shows that have people talking to the camera that always remind me of The Office. A Dwight spinoff was almost made as well. Instead it became a regular episode titled The Farm. Seeing that episode, I would have loved to see that turned into a full series. They also made small webisodes along with the regular season episodes that are great.

The years of enjoyment it has given me. As I said, I’ve been watching The Office for a long time. I own all the box sets and still watch them there or on Netflix. I’ve even made friends based on our mutual love of it. It was a huge part of my life as a young adult and still is. Not too long ago, I introduced a friend to the show, and talking to him about it as he sees them for the first time was incredible, reminding me of the times I watched them. I’ve missed it a lot these last couple of years, but the comedy never dies and I will consistently return to my favorite episodes.


Those are 10 of many things I love about The Office. Ten years seems like a long time ago now, filled with great episodes though. I remember the very first time I saw any footage of The Office. It was when Dwight gave birth to a watermelon, with Michael trying to mark it as his own. I thought that was the stupidest thing I had ever seen on TV, and it is, so I held off on watching it. I regret that now, but am glad I eventually saw all of it.


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