Spectre/Southpaw – Trailer Talk

I watched two new trailers yesterday. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to talk about here, because they both blew my mind. So I’m just going to talk about each in the same post. The two films are Jake Gyllenhaal’s Southpaw and the 24th Bond film, Spectre. I’ll go with Southpaw first because it comes first in the alphabet. That’s the kind of logic I’m using.

Gyllenhaal is now moving from his psychopathic role in Nightcrawler to being a middleweight boxing champion in Southpaw. This year, I don’t think this performance will go under the radar like it did for Nightcrawler. It has bigger names attached to it like Antoine Fuqua and Harvey Weinstein, that will surely garner Gyllenhaal an Oscar nomination. Speaking of Gyllenhaal, he’s never been an actor I’ve been a huge fan of. From what I’ve seen him do recently, he is forcing me to respect him as an A-list talent, making me put him among my favorite actors. His performance in just this trailer blew me away. The shot of him yelling into the camera while in the ring and covered in blood reminded me of how seamlessly he completely transforms his self into a role.

I noticed a little Raging Bull in this trailer as well. Jake La Motta brutally defeats his opponents, using the ring to deal with his anger and personal issues. Gyllenhaal looks a lot like this. They have different things to deal with outside of the ring, but both seem to dominate in a fight. Also like Raging Bull, it looks most of the film will focus on the relationship of Gyllenhaal and his daughter after the death of her mother. The tone of the trailer and story introduced hooked me instantly. IMDb is saying that both this and Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation come out July 31 this year, meaning I’m going to have to do a double movie weekend.

There was a lot shown in this trailer. I don’t know if we needed to see his wife killed or the judge taking away his daughter. It almost seems they’ve showed all the important scenes except for the ending. I hope there is more than that, and I don’t realize it until I see the full movie. Even though I probably will, I don’t want to see anymore trailers for this. I’m sold on it.


Bond. James Bond. If the name Bond wasn’t mentioned in the teaser trailer for Spectre, I would have no idea it is a Bond film. That’s not exactly a bad thing either, because this one minute trailer rattled my brain.

From beginning to end, there were countless “money shots” in nearly every scene. Already, the cinematographer, Hoyte Van Hoytema (Interstellar) is demonstrating his visual prowess. The brief introduction of the Christoph Waltz character, or only his silhouette looked terrific and mysterious. Needless to say now, this film is going to look great.

I said this didn’t look like a Bond film. I’m sure there will be Bond-isms in the movie, but this isn’t the Bond my dad grew up watching. We never knew much about Bond’s background in the first 20 or so films. Now they’re taking the character to more depths, and I love it. It adds a whole new layer to Bond that will ensure he never gets old, keeping future generations interested in these films.

It’s speculation time! Growing up, I watched all of the old Bond films with my dad, so I am vaguely familiar with the Spectre organization and villains. Using this useful source called the Internet, I found out a little more about what is happening in this movie. What I gathered is that Bond at a young age was adopted and Waltz’s character, Oberhouser is essentially his step brother, as suggested when he says to Bond that it’s been a long time. There’s also another theory that Waltz is actually Ernst Blofed. Fans of the classic Bond will recognize this name as one of the iconic Bond villains, who has a cut along his face. We do not get to see Waltz’s face, so who knows? Anyway, finding out more about Bond’s upbringing looks like a great way to take this franchise.

Being a teaser trailer, we didn’t get to see much of anyone except for Bond. Only one scene with Moneypenny and a shot of Monica Belluci was about it. No Ralph Fiennes, Dave Bautista, or Andrew Scott. Like I said for Southpaw, I don’t want to see anything else because I’ve see all I want to see before the film. Of course the marketing requires more people to see it. I understand that, but just wish I had the self control to keep myself from watching it. Why can’t they just release TV spots with the same footage as this trailer for more people to see?

I’m pretty sure I say this for every upcoming movie I talk about, but this Summer and Fall is going to have tons of great movies to see! Everything being released is blowing my mind so far. It’s the perfect time to be a movie fan. I’ll say this as well: There have been plenty of criticisms regarding lack of original content in Hollywood, using old properties instead. Good or bad, it does allow multiple generations of movie goers to enjoy the same franchise. For example, my dad introduced me to James Bond, now I’m the one telling him to watch it’s latest trailer. My parents grew up watching Star Wars, and now we can both enjoy Episode 7 later this year.


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