Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens – Trailer Talk

Okay, what happened yesterday? I come back to my room from hours of studying to find there’s a new Star Wars trailer out. On top of all my excitement I thought: Wasn’t that short Batman V Superman trailer supposed to drop? Well it did, and then I saw another trailer. And this wasn’t one of those movies that you’ve heard almost nothing about, it was Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight! What a day for trailers.

While I’m beyond excited for each of these upcoming films, only one trailer actually blew me away, gave me goosebumps, and set the tone for my whole day. That was Star Wars. The twenty second BVS trailer sucked, frankly, and The Hateful Eight trailer was only a little better, still not having any footage to see. So from now on I’m only talking about the greatest saga ever told.


At the Star Wars Celebtration in Anaheim, thousands of fans and the cast/crew of Episode 7 gathered to see the second teaser. Now it has been released publicically for all of us to see. I loved this trailer. There’s no other way to put it. The first one looks horrible now. Well, not horrible, but nowhere near the magnitude of this one. The only thing I hate is that they’re making me wait till December!

Let’s get into this trailer now. It opens in a similar way the first one did, with a shot of dessert looking a lot like Tatooine. But apparently it’s some other planet we haven’t seen yet. Then we see an X-Wing, followed by a crashed Star Destroyer. That shot was amazing. I could see JJ Abrams’ touch on it, with the large object obscured by dust. There is also someone driving here that I am assuming is that girl we saw taking off in the first teaser. I believe her name is Daisy, but I’m trying to stay away from spoilers for this movie.

Then starts the part that was sorely missed from the first trailer: The original trilogy cast! Luke Skywalker narrates, talking about his family of the force and adding to the overall awesomeness of this trailer. Seeing Darth Vader’s burned helmet was so powerful and emotional. And who is Luke talking to when he says.”you” have it? I can’t wait to find out who is probably one of his offsprings, or maybe Leia’s. There’s a lot of speculation that goes along with this of course, it’s Star Wars.

The trailer also showed us more of what is looking the main bad guy, Kylo Ren. His name is something like that. Everyone was divided over what they thought of the lightsaber hilt, I personally thought it was fine. But one shot showed the lightsaber without it, so it may not be a constant thing. Speaking of bad guys, there are some new Storm Troopers too. They are an updated, slicker version of the ones we saw in the OT. I have also heard this is not the Empire, it is some other organization. The set up for the dark side is perfect so far. We’ve only seen glimpses, but they are making me so excited. There’s a chrome colored trooper we get to see a bit of that is surely going to cause some trouble and be awesome as well.

There was never a person under the Storm Trooper helmet in the original trilogy, but it looks like we’re going to get to know John Boyega who is a Storm Trooper. From what I can tell, he may be switching sides after a while. For some reason, every time we see him he is sweating and panting, looking like he just got done with a big battle. Hopefully he is a Storm Trooper that can hit a target. Oscar Isaac as a X-Wing pilot looks like a really good character too, even though we’ve just seen a few seconds of him in the cockpit.

The first time I saw this trailer, I was excited to hear Luke’s voice, but wasn’t thinking about any other characters. So when Han Solo and Chewbacca showed up at then end, goosebumps ran up my arms, I gasped out in excitement and started laughing because that scene made me so happy. You know you’ve made a good trailer when there’s this much excitement over 2 minutes. Granted, it’s a product of three great films we’ve grown up with, but this trailer really was flawless. We’re home, Chewie.

I don’t want to think this at all, but I know the trailer for The Phantom Menace was pretty good, and that didn’t turn out well. I don’t know if I can handle another trilogy way below par, especially with the characters from the OT. But here is why I have faith in this movie, not just as a fanboy, but as a more objective viewer. It is directed by an honest fan of Star Wars. Abrams grew up watching these movies with the same fondness we did, and now has a chance to expand those stories. I fully believe that if Abrams loves the film he makes, we will too. George Lucas also has no involvement either. I don’t want to talk bad about Lucas because he did give us the OT, but I do fault him most for the prequels.

This second teaser trailer delivered in every way I wanted it to, and more. As a Star Wars fan, I have the proper amount of excitement I should for this movie that is still eight months away. Everything Disney has released so far has hit perfectly. It almost seems too good to be true. But I’m done thinking negatively. All I can do now is wait for the next, hopefully full, trailer. And of course, to all of you: May the force be with you.


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