Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice – Trailer Talk

I mentioned in my previous post that I thought the twenty second teaser trailer for Batman V Superman was really bad, and it was. Not only did it just show us two costumes, it came out the same day as the Star Wars trailer did. I might of hated it because I watched it after seeing the perfect trailer, but I think it’s just because it honestly was bad and unnecessary. Later on that same Thursday evening, the full teaser trailer was apparently leaked, and now it has been officially released.

When I heard that the trailer was leaked, I didn’t watch it for two reasons. One, because I was still bitter about the one I just saw, and two because I knew it was probably some bad recording on a cell phone. I’d rather watch in high quality picture and sound. Then last night I see the official teaser trailer is available.


I have no idea how the marketing is being handled for this movie, so I don’t know if they really wanted show that trailer quite yet. It got leaked, so I can understand them just saying, oh well, and officially releasing it. But it seems a little too close to the Star Wars one we just saw. There is definitely excitement for this movie, but people are still going to be talking about lightsabers and The Millenium Falcon. However, two huge trailers dropping in two days is pretty damn exciting to me.

This trailer was a whole lot better than its predecessor, which acted like a warmup to this one. I can forgive that now, but it’s still a dumb idea. Anyway, now there’s a full teaser and it was awesome. Like any good teaser, this one set the tone so well for what we’re going to see. I love where it looks like they’re going to this film. It’s dark, gritty, and grounded in reality. Man Of Steel introduced the public’s hesitance towards this Superman guy who all of a sudden is living on Earth. Now that is continuing, but also elevating. That makes sense to me, because a human like alien living on Earth would definitely unease me. I can understand wanting to trust this man as a hero, but how much do we actually know about what he can and will do? It’s certainly an interesting thing to explore.


The first half of the trailer zooms into the dark shape of a Superman statue while we hear different voices talking about Superman. Some on his side, but most are distrustful. Holly Hunter was definitely one of those voices, I’m sure of it. Since when is she in this movie? But the voice that everyone cares about is that of Jesse Eisenberg’s. “Devils don’t come from hell below, they come from the sky.” This Lex Luther guy probably doesn’t like Superman, surprise! Even hearing his voice, I still can’t picture Eisenberg as Luther, the man worthy of fighting Superman. I’ve already talked about my doubts with him, so I’ll just say that they haven’t changed.

Superman has also made another enemy by the name of Batman. From what I assume is the voice of Jeremy Irons as Alfred, we get a sense of Bruce Wayne’s contempt for Superman. Rage and the feel of being powerless is what will be turning Wayne into Batman. It turns good men cruel. This suggests to me that there will no clear cut good or bad guy in this movie. That word, cruel, is not how I would describe the superhero I know as Batman. But maybe he will be, at least initially. This makes me beyond excited. Bringing this to the infamous DC/Marvel debate, Marvel characters are pretty clear in terms of good and bad. I love the characters like Iron Man and Captain America, but they aren’t too complex. Batman and Superman look like they will be complex and struggle between good and bad. They will be explored throughout the movie, providing a fascinating look at these two classic characters.


Anyone who saw the footage for this movie at Comic Con recognizes the last scenes with Batman looking up with his blue eyes at Superman floating in the sky. Now there’s some cool dialogue to go along with that: “Do you bleed? You will.” That’s what Batman say right before he makes Superman bleed, I assume. He has an armored suit, probably tailored to go up against him. Stuff is going to go down and it won’t be pretty. I’m really interested to see how they handle the action scenes between these two, and how their dynamic will play out.

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is one of my favorite trilogies of all time, so I’m on both sides of Batman in this movie. I’m on board with Ben Affleck, but Nolan’s franchise is still relatively new, making me hesitant to see a new Bruce Wayne already. On the other hand, that shot of him on top of of the bridge, while familiar, made me really excited.


It’s kind of unfair to judge the first teaser for not showing us all the new characters. I just hope we can get to see Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Luther in a future trailer. Not much was given in terms of plot, appropriately. We got a good idea of tone and themes for this movie, and the anticipation is starting to hurt now. I don’t care if Eisenberg is bad, I just want to see him. I want to see Batman fight Superman right now.


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