Tomorrowland – Movie Talk

Tomorrowland (2015) – Brad Bird, Damon Lindelof
Britt Robertson
George Clooney
Hugh Laurie
Raffey Cassidy
Tim McGraw


Unbreakable Is On Netflix – Movie Pick

I was once again scrolling through my Netflix queue, as I do many times, and a movie caught my attention; M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable. I have not seen this movie and Shyamalan’s recent filmography is why. I liked The Sixth Sense and that’s about it. However, I have not seen some of his other films…

David Lynch Returns To Twin Peaks – TV News

Last April, David Lynch went on social media to say that he would not be directing the upcoming third season of Twin Peaks, not being able to reach an agreement with Showtime. The show created by Lynch and Mark Frost in 1990 and cancelled in 1991 was recently renewed for another season. Lynch would direct all nine…

Mad Max: Fury Road – Movie Talk

Hollywood: “Here George, take this 150 million dollars and make the best Mad Max movie you can.” Dr. George Miller: “What a lovely day.” It’s been 36 years since the very first Mad Max film was made on such a limited budget that Miller had to destroy his own car to film all of the scenes.…

Welcome To Me – Movie Talk

From the people who brought you Step Brothers and Anchorman comes a little film called, Welcome To Me, starring Kristen Wiig. Going into this movie with that information would not reflect what it really is. Welcome To Me is a comedy, but a dark one that borders the line into a deep drama. When I…

Legally Blonde Is On Netflix – Movie Pick

I was going through the long list of movies featured on Netflix with my friends when Legally Blonde appeared. I made the comment that I like Reese Witherspoon but they found out I hadn’t seen it. So naturally, five of us got together on a Sunday night to watch Legally Blonde. When I usually do…

Avengers: Age Of Ultron – Movie Talk

The most anticipated movie of this Summer blockbuster season is here! I finally got to see it, and without anymore buildup here are my thoughts and humble opinions: Avengers: Age Of Ultron is just as fun, yet darker, and more flawed than its 2012 predecessor. That being said, in some ways it is better than…