David Lynch Returns To Twin Peaks – TV News

Last April, David Lynch went on social media to say that he would not be directing the upcoming third season of Twin Peaks, not being able to reach an agreement with Showtime. The show created by Lynch and Mark Frost in 1990 and cancelled in 1991 was recently renewed for another season. Lynch would direct all nine episodes and most of the original cast would be returning as well. About a month passed in which the directorial future of Twin Peaks was left in limbo. Fortunately, a deal has been made and Lynch will once again direct all episodes, plus a little more!

I originally wasn’t going to write anything about this because it didn’t really seem like news to me. I knew Lynch would be back. I don’t know the details about the negotiations that went on between Lynch and Showtime, but I do know everyone wanted Lynch to come back to the little town of Twin Peaks.

It didn’t take long at all for an uproar of cries from social media to arise. Not only from the fans, but the actors as well. The cast started a Facebook page dedicated to bringing Lynch back. They even compiled a video of certain cast members saying what Twin Peaks is like without Lynch. It’s quite amazing how the Internet can play such a strong role in TV today. If it was still like the ’90s, Twin Peaks would not reappear after 25 years. It also makes you wonder how many older shows would have had longer runs if they were made today. Thank god we don’t have to wonder about Twin Peaks.


The season two finale ended with way too many cliffhangers and questions to wait 25+ years for them to be answered, spoilers coming. Numerous characters died, some were left uncertain, and Special Agent Dale Cooper became possessed by BOB. I, along with many others, want to know what has been happening in Twin Peaks for the last quarter century. I’m pretty sure it takes place 25 years later, meaning everyone will have cell phones now. Or maybe Twin Peaks is so secluded they never adapted to today’s technology trends.

I can’t wait to see what Lynch and Frost have in store for this show. The original seasons were so dark, quirky, and unique. It’s the kind of show I’m not sure why I like it, but it is so much fun to watch. That’s the complex genius of David Lynch. It’s the same genius that was forced to change up the show by ABC during season two. That is what I blame for the blandness of the later episodes of that season. Lynch was forced to reveal Laura Palmer’s murderer before he wanted to and other plots had to be changed in order to coincide with ABC’s demands.

It sounds like Showtime will not have this kind of involvement. Lynch’s autobiography let me know how important having final cut is for his movies. A movie is best when one person’s vision is put on screen, and I think that applies to TV too, especially for one created by Lynch. If this short departure by Lynch tells me anything, it’s that he won’t accept anything less than what he thinks is right. Like the fans clearly do, Showtime has to trust Lynch and not tell him what to put in the show. George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road is a great example of a studio trusting a director to do a good job.

Twin Peaks is my favorite thing that Lynch has ever done. He and Frost created such a great world inhabited with many lovable and also dark characters. In the short run it had, it grew a huge cult following that is still going strong today. While honestly not being surprised that Lynch is back, I am truly excited to see Lynch’s world again. There are many places I feel he could go with the story, and like I said Showtime should do, we the fans must trust Lynch and Frost in these upcoming episodes. It’ll be a damn fine cup of coffee!


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