I’M BACK: Phase 2

First of all, I know that my millions of fans have sorely missed my absence from here and to them I apologize. But the good news… I’m coming back! And I know what you’re thinking: Fake news. But you’re wrong, at least for now.


I started writing that January of 2016. I came close to publishing it and starting up again, but by time I left the theater I kind of forget about it. Besides, that was while I was on a break from school and I probably would have given up not long afterwards.

I’d thought about this blog periodically but never really decided to do anything about it. I seem to be a fairweather fan about it. Like I wrote two years ago, it became a responsibility that I started to despise having to do. I remember having gone a few days without writing anything and thinking that I have to publish something. Then I’d become stressed from yet another thing I had to do. I began this site because I really do enjoy talking and writing about movies, essentially putting my thoughts onto paper. Virtual paper that is.

I don’t know about everyone else, but as an introvert I am constantly thinking about these things in my head and I like the idea of organizing it somehow, almost like a diary. So recently I sentimentally went through all my old stuff on here and thought about putting myself through this again. But it’s going to be a little different this time. What I’m going to write is going to be me. Not me trying to be Roger Ebert or anyone else I used to try to emulate. Whatever is in my head won’t be edited down for trying to be professional. So be prepared for a lot of ranting and rambling. Of course I’ll try to get my grammar and spelling right but don’t expect me to be making outlines and having structure. If that sounds lazy or unprofessional to you, please don’t read anymore of my stuff. Seriously, if no one reads this I don’t have to be worried about being embarrassed by what I say. So to the 7 billion people not reading this, thank you!

Well… here I go again! I hope the two of you reading this will enjoy what’s coming and I’ll see you soon!

I just posted my new Wonder Woman review so please go check that out too!



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