Pitch Perfect 3: Aca-Trailer Review

Money does talk. 2015’s Pitch Perfect 2 made more money in one weekend than the original did in its entire theatrical run. In my opinion, Mad Max: Fury Road should have made more in that opening weekend. Nevertheless, with the amount of money Elizabeth Bank’s sequel made, it’s no surprise we’ll be seeing a third installment later this year. Just recently, we got our first look into Pitch Perfect 3, and that’s what I’m here to talk about.

I saw the first Pitch Perfect for the first time only a few months before the sequel. I was a bit coerced into it, but I’m glad I was. It was incredibly enjoyable and had a lot of heart. I think I could watch just about anything with Anna Kendrick. I even liked Pitch Perfect 2, despite its numerous flaws.

That all being said, this trailer came out of nowhere. I had no idea it was coming out THIS year. It was flying completely under my radar. I knew Banks wasn’t returning as director, but I’m pretty sure that news has been out for a while.

One thing I liked about the trailer was the direction it took with the story. I didn’t need to see another college movie. But of course, there’s not a huge industry out there for post-college a cappella singers. It makes sense to me that the characters are struggling to find careers since they never even say the words or anything close to class, homework or school. But you also NEED a cappella in this film. That’s where the trailer loses me.

I’m calling it now, the first 10-15 minutes of the film will individually show us what all the characters are up to after college. They’ll organize a get together – the one we see in the trailer – and the movie will fall apart. We’ll all be saying, “The first quarter of the film started strong and it just got worse after that.”


Source: IMDb

Although I’m even okay with that new competition story, there was so much here that did not feel like Pitch Perfect at all. Not aca-awesome. Kendrick and Rebel Wilson parachute out of some military transport plane?? Then they’re jumping out of an exploding boat?? What the hell happened to just singing a song in an empty pool?! Well, hey, Fast and Furious changed up their style midway through, so why not the Bellas? I can’t wait for the Aca-Furious Cinematic Universe.

As usual, John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks were awesome as the two judges that seem to follow the Bellas around everywhere. Without fail, they’ve always killed it in every scene. Besides their parts, I only laughed one other time in the trailer. When the new, “evil” band are introducing themselves as Calamity, Serenity, Veracity and Charity, Wilson’s Fat Amy says her name would be Obesity if she was in the band. All her fat jokes do get tiring and lazy, but I gotta admit, that one made me laugh.

If I’m looking for another positive reaction towards this trailer, I found it in just seeing Hailee Steinfeld*. She may have been the best part of Pitch Perfect 2, so I’m hopeful she can carry the movie along with Kendrick. The other characters are more or less replaceable.

*Go see Edge of Seventeen.

The poster for the film says “Last call, Pitches” so this may be the last one. Like I’ve said, I liked 1 and 2, but now it feels like they’re out of fresh ideas. If one person jumps over a shark, I’m out.

Last thing I’ll say is that the best movie of the year could have the worst trailer of the year. Anything is possible. Pitch Perfect 3′s opening weekend could beat the Last Jedi….


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