A Nightmare on Elm Street is on Netflix – Movie Pick

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Wes Craven
John Saxon
Ronee Blakley
Heather Langenkamp
Johnny Depp
Amanda Wyss
Jsu Garcia
Robert Englund


Unbreakable Is On Netflix – Movie Pick

I was once again scrolling through my Netflix queue, as I do many times, and a movie caught my attention; M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable. I have not seen this movie and Shyamalan’s recent filmography is why. I liked The Sixth Sense and that’s about it. However, I have not seen some of his other films…

Legally Blonde Is On Netflix – Movie Pick

I was going through the long list of movies featured on Netflix with my friends when Legally Blonde appeared. I made the comment that I like Reese Witherspoon but they found out I hadn’t seen it. So naturally, five of us got together on a Sunday night to watch Legally Blonde. When I usually do…

House Of Cards Is On Netflix – TV Pick

My site is predominantly focused on movies and anything concerning that topic. While most of what I watch is movies, I have a few TV shows that I like to watch. Lately, I’ve hardly watched any TV since football is over. I keep up with Parks And Recreation but that’s about it. When a group…

Hugo Is On Netflix – Movie Pick

Last week I watched Silver Linings Playbook for the first time. This week I’m going to see another film that was at the Oscars a year before I believe. That film is Hugo. As mentioned in my post last week, before I watch a movie I haven’t see before on Netflix, I’ll talk about what…